Saturday May 29th, 2021

ELIZABETH RIVER RUN 10K & MileAbout the Race

The 42nd annual Elizabeth River Run 10k is coming home to NORFOLK!

After 15 years, the 6.2 mile race will return with an all-new course on the iconic Elizabeth River Trail. Runners will begin at the starting line on the Old Dominion University campus, weave through tree-lined historic neighborhoods, take in sweeping views of the Elizabeth River on the Hampton Blvd Bridge, and cross the finish line in a beautiful private park located at the Port of Virginia. This is the first race to be exclusively held on the Elizabeth River Trail, a 10.5 mile multi-modal trail with award winning amenities. Registrations are limited to 1000 runners, so don’t wait to sign up! All proceeds benefit the Tidewater Striders and the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation. The Elizabeth River Run 10k is presented by Sentara Healthcare.

The Elizabeth River Trail Foundation’s mission is to create the most iconic urban, riverfront trail in the country. Running 10.5 miles, the ERT connects businesses, historic attractions and 28 neighborhoods within a five-minute walk. Through artful placemaking, dynamic amenities and a robust schedule of free, family-friendly events, the ERTF encourages healthy living while enhancing environmental awareness and neighborhood connectivity. For more information, visit https://elizabethrivertrail.org/


Interested in becoming a sponsor for the race or know a local business who might be? Contact Dita Beard and visit sponsorship site here: (link coming soon)

This race is sanctioned as a:

  • Striders Grand Prix Event
  • Striders Youth Grand Prix Event
  • Hampton Roads Super Grand Prix Event
  • Golden Runner / Striders PLUS Event


ELIZABETH RIVER RUN 10K & MileRace Information

Saturday May 29th, 2021

Entry Fee

$45 for the 10K; the Mile is $15.

Club Members receive a $5 discount off these prices until the close of online registration- BECOME A MEMBER TODAY and save money on ERR and future Striders events!

In addition Tidewater Striders Golden Runners are also discounted until the close of online registration.

NEW THIS YEAR...ELITE Registration!!!

If you qualify with times listed below, you can receive a Comp Registration. Please contact Race Director Thomas Hicks

(Your Time must be from a 10K race between Jan 1st 2020 and your registration date for this race)

OPEN Male Sub 31 Minutes

OPEN Female Sub 37 minutes

MASTER Male Sub 37 minutes

MASTER Female Sub 42 minutes

    Proceeds from Online Donations will benefit the Tidewater Striders and the Elizabeth River Trail Foundation


Online Race Registration is OPEN

Fluids & Foods

There will be two Water stations along the course (Near mile markers 2 & 4) to provide much needed fluids during the race. There will also be water, gatorade and snacks at the finish line

Time Limits

Details are on the way very soon!


Details are on the way very soon!

Course Map

The 42nd Elizabeth River Run has returned to NORFOLK and will be run on the iconic Elizabeth River Trail. The Start line will be at Old Dominion Unversity with the Finish line at Port of Virginia. This is a STROLLER friendly race!

Course Map

Detailed Course Map is Coming Soon!

Course Map


Destination: Old Dominion University

43rd & Powhatan Ave, Norfolk, VA 23508

From the WEST: Follow I-64E to US-460 W/Granby St in Norfolk.

  • Take Exit 276 from I-64 E
  • Merge onto US-460 W/Granby St
  • Slight RIGHT onto Llewellyn Ave
  • Turn RIGHT onto W 38th St
  • Turn RIGHT onto Killam Ave
  • Turn LEFT onto W 43rd St

From the EAST: Follow I-264W and take Exit 10 St Pauls Blvd in Norfolk.

  • Turn RIGHT on to St Pauls Blvd
  • Turn LEFT onto W Brambleton Ave
  • Stay in right 2 lanes to continue onto Hampton Blvd
  • Turn LEFT onto W 43rd St


Follow signs for Parking

FREE Parking provided on ODU Campus near starting line.

Packet Pick-Up

Packet Pick-Up will be at BenchTop Brewing in Norfolk, VA Thursday, May 27th between 3pm to 8pm and Friday, May 28th between 12pm and 8pm. Benchtop Brewing is located at 1129 Boissevain Ave, Norfolk VA 23507


The following awards will be presented to the First Three Male and Female finishers for the following Age groups...

  • Age 19 & Under
  • Age 20 - 24
  • Age 25 - 29
  • Age 30 - 34
  • Age 35 - 39
  • Age 40 - 44
  • Age 45 - 49
  • Age 50 - 54
  • Age 55 - 59
  • Age 60 - 64
  • Age 65 - 69
  • Age 70 - 74
  • Age 75+
    As well as...
  • Top Three Overall Runners (Male and Female)
  • Top Three Masters Runners (Male and Female)
  • Top FIVE Overall Walkers (Male and Female)
  • Youth age Group for Mile
  • TEAM Competition All Clubs and Groups welcome. Award for 1st Place Team. Contact Thomas Hicks if interested.
  • All finishers will receive a Finisher’s award at the race finish line.
  • NEW this year... PRIZE MONEY will be awarded in TOP 3 Male & Female and OVERALL Male & Female MASTERS Winners!!!
  • 1st Place Male & Female Overall ...$250

    2nd Place Male & Female Overall ...$125

    3rd Place Male & Female Overall ...$75

    1st Place Male & Female Masters ...$75

Post-Race Party

Due to COVID there is no After Party at the Finish Line. However award ceremony will be 1pm at Smartmouth PLUS you get two drink tickets you can redeem at the breweries in Chelsea (Smartmouth, BenchTop and The Birch)!

Event Photos

Details are on the way soon!

Course Etiquette

This event will abide by all COVID-19 guidelines and recomendations. More details coming soon.

Stay on the designated path of the course.

Numbers must be worn and visible on front of body at all times during the race.

Be courteous, there are other runners and walkers on the course.

Strollers are permitted.

No dogs are allowed to accompany runners.

Inclement Weather/National Security

The Race Director and the Tidewater Striders reserve the right to modify or cancel events as needed in the interest of safety or access restrictions to the venue.

No refunds can be given in the event of modification or cancellation.


Not running the 10K? Share in the fun and excitement by lending a helping hand. You will be rewarded a shirt, party and the gratitude of all our racers.

Some of the following volunteer positions are available:

  • Marketing materials distribution
  • Pre-Race Set Up
  • Runner Verification
  • Water Station workers
  • Course monitors
  • Finish Line Assistance
  • Course sweepers post race

Volunteer individually, with a friend, or get a group together and come on out and have some fun!

Ready to volunteer? Contact Thomas Hicks at err@tidewaterstriders.com -OR- go to the VOLUNTEER LINK

ELIZABETH RIVER RUN 10K & MileRace History

10K Run Winners

(Click Column headers to sort)

Year Male Time ▲▼ Female Time ▲▼
1979 Barry Heath 31:39 Juanita Etheridge 39:02
1980 Cletus Griffin 31:46 Carolyn Fellowes 39:21
1981 David McDonald 30:01 Juanita Etheridge (2) 36:08
1982 David McDonald (2) 30:04 Juanita Etheridge (3) 36:55
1983 Adrian Leek 29:36 Nancy Mieszczak 34:41
1984 David McDonald (3) 30:03 Mary Baumgarten 36:13
1985 Steve Pinard 29:38 Maria Daniel 34:37
1986 Steve Pinard (2) 28:31 Maria Daniel (2) 34:16
1987 Walt Adams 30:08 Inge Schuurmann (2) 34:56
1988 Gordon Christie 29:13 Inge Schuurmann 34:13
1989 Walt Adams (2) 30:28 Inge Schuurmann (3) 34:11
1990 Ken Frenette 30:35 Lorraine Hochella 35:35
1991 Gary Westgate 29:29 Maria Pazarentzos 34:59
1992 Dan Hostager 29:57 Vicki Mitchell 34:36
1993 Tim Covington 31:36 Vicki Mitchell (2) 34:01
1994 Terrance Herrington 30:52 Susan Molloy 35:54
1995 Terrance Herrington (2) 30:21 Pam Runquist 36:38
1996 Bart Sellers 30:42 Elizabeth Andrews 38:08
1997 Walt Adams (3) 32:50 Jacinda Raiche 39:53
1998 Tommy Holland 31:44 Janet Boldrey 36:48
1999 Robert Hinkle 31:25 Leslie Fedon 36:36
2000 Robert Hinkle (2) 33:01 Kendall Tata 39:34
2001 Dai Roberts 32:53 Marie Knight 40:19
2002 Greg Wenneborg 32:53 Lory Gray 38:27
2003 Dai Roberts (2) 31:53 Aurora Scott 37:51
2005 Patrick Rotich 31:22 Aurora Scott (2) 35:03
2006 Ryan Carroll 33:15 Renee High 38:02
2007 Ryan Carroll (2) 32:48 Linda Sawvell 38:59
2008 Ryan Carroll (3) 32:04 Aurora Scott (3) 37:35
2009 Ryan Carroll (4) 32:41 Laura Shannon 41:22
2010 Ryan Carroll (5) 32:34 Renee High (2) 37:34
2011 Ryan Carroll (6) 32:55 Mollie Turner 40:37
2012 Ryan Carroll (7) 33:19 Renee High (3) 38:20
2013 Evan Gates 32:27 Renee High (4) 35:34
2014 Evan Gates (2) 31:22 Stephanie Frenchik 37:05
2015 * Philemon Kimutai 5.7K Octavia Rinehardt 5.7K
2016 Blaine O'Reilly 34:31 Renee High (5) 38:46
2017 Evan Gates (3) 31:49 Stephanie Manny 40:25
2018 Evan Gates (4) 33:26 Liz Reynolds 39:42
2019 Roger Hopper 34:39 Stephanie Rice 40:26

* Due to an unexpected helicopter landing the loop around the helicopter pad was removed from the race, shortening the distance by .5 miles.


Race Director:

Thomas Hicks